JUNE 2015 / Reykjavík Dance Atelier/ Saga Sigurðardóttir and Sofia Mavragani

A fascinating icelandic feature is the belief in the existence of “The Huldufólk”/ the hidden people. playforReykjavik draws inspiration from hidden people´s myths and truths and plays hide and seek with the city of Reykjavik.

PHOTOS by Sofia Mavragani

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Hidden Music by Hallvardur Asgeirsson :

This is what people say about “The Huldufólk”

they are somehow like humans and somehow not

they are somebody who is watching and noticing

an opportunity to believe in the unknown

an evidence of the lives of people in the old days, on how stories enriched their lives, – opposed to e.g movies nowadays

it is something you can not conquer but you can negotiate with

the other side of rationality

from another dimension, if that exists

they do have a lot of stories about them

one of the phenomena that have been manipulated by the tourism industry

they are lovely

but you cant trus’t them

they are here and now

you want to have them on your side

they can appear and disappear on will, as opposed to the construction of certain roads and buildings

they live in rocks

even if they are hidden/hiding they have guts

they are known to manipulate the inner workings of construction machinery

they are able to have children with people

they are curious about humans and humans are curious about them

they are anxiety

they are the shadows of our selves

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