SEPTEMBER 2015 / CIRCA THEATRE / Miranda Manasiadis and Sofia Mavragani

Wellington is a place that challenges our perception of distances at very different levels: geographical, physical, cultural, interpersonal, intimate. What is far? What means closeness? playforWELLINGTON focuses on the idea of proximal-distal-spacial states and plays with them both in the literal and the abstract.

PHOTOS by David Goldthorpe and Sofia Mavragani

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playforPLACE also got tempted to ask wellington questions of itself. There is so much that one would like to know about this place.

why are you so windy?

what are you most proud of?

what makes you special?

where do you see yourself in 100 years?

who has been your greatest foe?

what is your earliest memory?

when would you say you found your identity?

what is your greatest weakness?

where is your most secret place?

what are your goals as a city?

what do you expect from your inhabitants?

how can we help you reach your best self?

Wellington, why is the water around you so freezing cold?

how many people walk on the waterfront every day?

do you like the wild sculptures that you have on the bay in front of airport?

do you like watching the planes landing/fighting against the wind?

do you prefer your city center or your suburb area? and which is your favorite suburb?

have you seen my sunglasses somewhere? It is so bright here.

how does the wind affect the mood of the people?

do you have any more surprises for me?

Will I still be here in ten years?

will you remember me as well as i will remember you?

if you had a wish what would it be?

why is Newtown full of strange people?

where is your best hiding place?

where is my ball dress?

does the Lord of the Rings piss you off?

how long will you last?

how long will the water be like this?

where are your treasures?

Wellington, why is the train from Johnsonville always late?

when will the winter end?

when can I have a cup of tea?

why is the petrol cheaper in Palmerston North?

where do the whales sleep?

why does Khandallah have the worst bus service?

why don’t you let me grow rosemary?

Why did you kill my basil?

why do you hate Mediterranean herbs?

if you could be another city, what city would you be?

why do you need so much caffeine?

do you get tired of people throwing rubbish in your Harbor?

why do the people run so fast?

are you jealous of Auckland?

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